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“What should I do first???”

One big question youths have when they think about working out is:

“What should I do first???"

All parts of the workout are important, but which ones should be done first?

Speed, explosive movements, and agility drills utilises more of the body’s resources, so they are done first.

Bigger muscles require more energy and effort than smaller muscles, so they are recommended earlier in the routine.

Exercises that have multiple-joint movements require more energy and effort than smaller muscles so they are to be done before.

Flexibility training should be done when the body is fully warmed up to prevent injury from occuring.

Training does not only have to be done in the weight room or the field.

Here are some steps for proper order of exercises, drills and flexibility training:

Order Of Exercise, Drills And Flexibility Training

STEP I. Mental preparation (visualization, concentration, etc.)

STEP II. Warm up (cardio machine)

STEP III. Flexibility training (Dynamic stretching)

STEP IV. Speed-strength training
A. Plyometric training (box jump, hops lateral jumps etc.) B. Agility training (cone drills)

STEP V. Multiple-joint movements A. Lunge B. Barbell row C. Dip, military press, etc.

STEP VI. Single-joint movements A. Larger muscles B. Smaller muscles

STEP VII. Flexibility training (Static Stretching)

STEP VIII. Cool down (cardio machine)

STEP IX. Application of appropriate therapy (ice treatment, massage etc.)

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