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Tips for an effective workout.

Whenever deciding to exercise or follow up on any physical activity there are certain areas, once attended to, ensures maximum performance, results and fulfilment in the safest manner possible. You can save yourself a lot of time and money by taking care of the seemingly insignificant things.

Here is my advice to you with regards to every step of your workout. These are the things I have learned from personal experience, from making mistakes or by observing other persons.

  • Always have an exercise plan to follow because this can save you a lot of time and guarantees a more effective workout.

  • Rest adequately between sets to ensure you’re able to execute on the next set well enough.

  • Rehydrate your body during major sets with either water or sports drinks.

  • Wear breathable clothing because chances are you’ll be sweating since your body will be trying to get rid of excess heat produced when energy is released.

  • If you're using earphones take special care when moving around as the cord may get stuck onto something.

  • Sometimes other people near you might have the same water bottle as yours and they can easily get mixed up. Try to mark your bottle with something like your gym towel to avoid this problem.

  • Be careful with your personal belongings. Leave them in your locker, ensure it is locked securely and place the key on you where it cannot fall out of your pockets or you give it to someone trustworthy. If no locker is available keep them with you and keep a close eye on them.

  • Whenever placing your phone down during an exercise, desist from leaving it face up because the screen will shatter if something falls on it. Do not keep your phone in your pocket whenever doing leg exercises like squat as it will restrict your range of motion.

  • Sterilize machines and equipment before and after use to kill germs and keep the place clean.

  • Wash your hands periodically during exercise with soap for 20 seconds. Try not to touch your face with hands. At the end of your session wash your face with warm water and pat dry it.

  • Always sterilize your phone, steering wheel, gym bottle, workout gears, keys etc. after exercise.

  • When you go to workout you should decide whether you are using your gym towel to wipe your face or place it on the equipment. It should never be used for both since you would obviously be transferring germs to your face which could result in rashes or worse.

  • You can reduce or increase the intensity of your workouts by simply changing the amount of rest time, reps, sets, time under tension your muscles are exposed to or weight you are using.

  • If you're feeling nauseous during exercise you can take a longer rest until the feeling goes away. If the feeling persists you should stop the workout.

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