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  • What should I do after completing Weeks One and Two?
    We recommend recycling the routines beginning with Week One followed by Week Two. Only this time you'll attempt to increase the volume of the exercises by increasing the sets, reps weights or by decreasing your rest time.
  • How would I know to perform the exercises?
    We have uploaded the demonstrations for over 100 exercises and will continue to do so until all activities are represented properly. You can find these on our YouTube Channel @BuildWithBayley
  • What can I do to track my weights or performance level?
    We recommend using a physical notepad or the one available on your mobile device to keep track of your progress so that you would know how to increase your volume weekly.
  • What are sets and reps?
    You complete one rep when you perform an exercise from the starting position and return to that same position. A set is a group of reps performed consecutively. e.g. 10 reps of crunches would be one set
  • What should I do if it's workout day but my muscles are still sore?
    We recommend resting another 12-24h or until you are fully recovered to prevent further impairing your performance. To fasten your recovery you can: Sleep more Utilize the muscle group less Perform Static Stretches for that Specific muscle group Increase protein intake
  • I have been sore for days. Why am I not recovering?
    If you find that you have been sore for days then you are experiencing Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMs). This is caused by performing at an intensity that is higher than your muscles can support and then not having the requisite level of recovery to match the damage. We recommend improving your recovery methods by stretch, reducing actions requiring the muscle group, increasing your protein intake and training with a volume that you are able to recovery from sufficiently.
  • What are the differences between Dynamic and Static Stretches?
    Dynamic Stretches are performed after warming up and are mobility exercises that include moving limbs. Static Stretches are performed before cooling down and including holding your limbs in a specific position for a certain amount of time, usually 20-60s.
  • What can I warm up and cool down with?
    Warm Up exercises are done at moderate intensity to raise your body temperature and increase flexibility to help prevent injury. These include: - Walking - Jogging - Jump Rope - Cardio Machine Cool Down exercises are done at low intensity to reduce your body temperature and increase blood flow to fatigued muscles in order to remove waste products and provide ingredients for recovery. These Include: - Walking - Cardio Machines
  • What if I don't have all the equipment needed to perform my routines?
    We recommend performing all the exercises you are able to with the resources you have available and substituting the ones you are not able to do with exercises that produce a similar effect.
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